Welcome to the Website of Peter Tooker, Aspiring Author


Because I, an aspiring author, have been advised by people in the profession of writing that writers today must fill the boundless universe of cyberspace with massive electronic commercials: endless clutters and collections of digital advertisements for ourselves: binary billboards screaming immortal talents, exploits and beauty; cyberscreens of self-promotion to clog the information superhighway, just as the three-dimensional billboards clutter our asphalt interstates, covering the landscape with boundless commercial eyesores and announcements. Eventually everyone will have a website, filling the cyberwaves with tawdry, ego-and-commerce-driven exercises in self-congratulatory, narcissistic solipsism, with little left of the informational/educational domain, as everywhere will be only commercial self-promotion, braggadocio, and empty, self-praising puffery.

But as abhorrent and repellent as this act may be, and even as self-promotion and its aura of endless ego are unnatural and contrary to my nature, I too must compromise, surrender to commercialism, capitulate, indulge this exercise in ego massage and have my own website.

♦ ♦ ♦

Included here you will find two early articles and an editorial I wrote when editing the Grapevine, (March, 1978 to April, 1984), a free weekly newspaper in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The first item is a straight investigative report on the inequitable use of sales-tax exemptions in Arkansas, followed by a previous editorial on the same subject. Third and last of the early writings in an interpretive piece that began as a club review and became a meditation on music and the road.

The second section is my attempt at song lyrics (“Boogie-Woogie Momma”), for a writer should be capable in many forms and formats.

The next-to-last piece is the introductory paragraph from the Introduction  (“Children of Fire”) to my unpublished nonfiction manuscript, Skin of Wealth: Class and Complexion Fashions From Pale to Tan.

Beneath that is an interview of me conducted in 2016 by Richard Drake on the local public access television channel.

Finally, while many websites of aspiring authors feature their photograph prominently I have foregone the practice, so

WHY ISN’T MY PHOTOGRAPH HERE? OR, Where is the substance of the writing?

Is it in the face of the writer? What does that face tell of the writing? Does it speak to the aptness and facility of expression, complexity and coherence of ideas, range of thoughts, prejudices and position; exactness and wealth of vocabulary, tone and tempo, melody and cadence of voice; accuracy and honesty? Or does it simply tell of  the bend and broadness of nose, pinch of nostril, white of teeth, height of cheek, thick and curl of lip, loom of brow, depth and dark of eye, span of scalp and style of hair, rondure of chin, tone of skin, gender and generation? Only at best it may reveal social, sexual, and intellectual pose and pretensions.

What substance surface?

On the surface of this page is discovered more substance than in any author’s photograph.